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The Mandarin Wine List
House Wine
Inglenook (White Zin or Chardonnay)Jacobs Creek (Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot - Shiraz)
Trinity Oaks Pinot Grigio
Snoqualmie Sauvignon Blanc
Chateau Ste. Michelle Riesling
Gekkikan Plum Wine
White Wines
Rex Goliath Pinot Grigio (Bright, juicy flavors of citrus and apples that lead to sweet mineral core. The finish is soft and lingering)
Hayman & Hill Chardonnay (Fresh citrus and steely aromas are coupled with the creamy and toasty nuances from the barrel fermentation)
Black Stone Merlot (The  palate is supple and well integrated with flavors of cherry and spice; finishing with smoky mocha vanilla oak)
Hogue Genesis Merlot (With hints of sage, dill, orange, and smoky oak, this big, elegant Merlot is a rich wine on the palate with firm tannins and complex earthy tones)
Clos du Bois Pinot Noir (Smooth, rich texture and subtle flavors of grape, producing the aromas of crushed rose petals and rich cherry characteristic)
Tapestry Bakers Gully Shiraz (Very concentrated berry fruit, warm and juicy texture with a rich middle palate and firm dry finish)
Wild Horse Cabernet Sauvignon (The wine shows complex aromas and flavors of blackberry, cedar and anise, complemented by a rich, intense mouthful)
William Hill Cabernet Sauvignon (A supple wine, exhibiting aromas of cassis, currant and raspberry. Soft in the tannin structure with richness, polished texture and earthy body)

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Bottled Beer
Mandarin Specialty Drinks
Dragon Princess (Creme de Cacao, Cream of Coconut & Vanilla Ice Cream)
Foxy Lady (Amaretto, Creme de Cacao & Cream)
Mai Tai (White Rum, Dark Rum, Myer's Rum, Orange Juice, Sour Mix & Lime Juice)
Pina Colada (White Rum, Dark Rum, Coconut Cream & Pineapple Juice)
Strawberry Daiquiri (Dark Rum, Triple Sec, Sour Mix, Lime Juice & Strawberry)
Zombie (White Rum, Dark Rum, Apricot Brandy, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice & Orange Juice)
Grasshopper (White Creme de Cacao, Green Creme de Menthe & Ice Cream)
Singapore Sling (Gin, Sour Mix, Grenadine & Blackberry Brandy)
Bahama Mama (Myer's Rum, Amaretto, Malibu Rum & Pineapple Juice)
Mandarin Martini (Absolute Mandarin & Grand Marnier)
Malibu Pineapple Martini (Malibu Pineapple, Blue Curacao, Pineapple Juice & Lime Juice)
Malibu Passion Fruit Iced Tea (Malibu Passion Fruit, Ice Tea & Lemon Lime Soda)
Malibu Tropical Sunrise (Malibu Tropical Banana, Orange Juice & Lemon Lime Soda)
Banana Cabana Cosmo (Malibu Tropical Banana, Tonic Water & Cranberry Juice)
Green Monkey (Malibu Tropical Banana, Melon Liqueur, Sour & Pineapple Juice)
Malibu Coconut Coco Libre (Malibu Coconut & Cola)
Big Bull Falls Spritzers (Choose between Red, White, or Plum Wines)
Red Wines
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